2017 RBL Residents Meetings — Everyone Welcome!

2017 Roaring Brook Lake Residents Meetings

Saturdays 9:30 AM, at Children’s Beach

  1. Saturday, June 24, 2017 
  2. Saturday, July 8, 2017
  3. Saturday, July 29, 2017
  4. Saturday, August 19, 2017

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RBLPOA Guided Hike, Sunday April 23, 1:45 PM

Come Explore our Newest Wilderness!

See the new “Roaring Brook Lake” section of Fahnestock Park (the old HYH tract).
See grand trees with their new spring buds, magnificent rock formations, beautiful stone walls, an old Girl Scout camp, and an imposing stone chamber. Meet new neighbors and spend time with old friends.

Meet at 1:45 PM at the Pudding Street stores. We will leave the parking area promptly at 2 PM and will return back to the parking area between 4 and 5 PM, depending on the pace of the group.

Hikers should be generally fit, but no experience is necessary and the pace will be adjusted to the group’s needs. Children over 8, accompanied by an adult, are welcome. There will be a hike leader (Sam Lee) and a “sweeper” (Ina Cholst).

What to wear, what to bring

Please wear hiking boots if you have them, or sneakers if you don’t, as the paths are rough and irregular and cross streams and wetlands. No sandals, flip-flops or smooth soles. Bring water and a light snack (trail mix, nuts, PB&J sandwich, etc.) Long pants and socks are recommended to reduce risk of ticks.

Note: The trails are as yet unmarked. It is easy to get lost. Please come on time. We will leave promptly at 2 PM.

Questions? Want to RSVP? 
Email Ina at icholst@gmail.com or admin@rblpoa.com.  RSVP is recommended.

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RBL District Meeting this weekend

Saturday, March 25, 2017, 10 AM

Town Hall, 265 Oscawana Lake Road


  • Required DEC Dam Safety Analysis
  • Preparation for summer at RBL

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2016 RBL Holiday Party

The 20162016-holiday-party Roaring Brook Lake Holiday Party will be Sat, Dec 10, 7-10 pm at a neighbor’s home on the lake (details once you register). Enjoy a wonderful evening of celebration and good cheer.

Tickets are $10/person to cover spirits and sustenance. In the spirit of the season, please also bring an appetizer or a dessert to share.

The 2016 Roaring Brook Lake Holiday Party is sponsored jointly by the RBL Property Owner’s Association and the RBL Garden Club.

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RBLPOA 2016 Annual Fishing Tourney

Nolan at the fishing contest 2016This year’s bass fishing tourney was another successful and fun event.  At daybreak, 7 men and women entered with $10 for a shot to take home the pool money and bragging rights for the season. The winner would be the angler with with the heaviest combined weight of their 3 largest, legal large-mouth bass with the caveat that they must be released alive.

Unfortunately, the lunkers were hiding– the majority of fish caught were legal or just under the 12” mark.  However, they were all robust, plump specimens which was a good sign for the lake.  Last year’s co-winner Chad Scott reeled in 5 fish to combine for 4.8 pounds.

This year, 5 children kids at 2016 Fishing Tourneytook to the water by shore or by vessel to try their hand at bassin’.  This year we opted to forego the sunfish derby which had served as a fisheries management technique to reduce competition for food for juvenile sport fish like bass and walleye, as well as to allow for adult pan fish such as crappie and yellow perch to reach keeper size.  The Fish Committee decided to give the sunnies a break this year to allow for more fry production.

Nolan Lee and David Berdecia each decked 3 keepers.  The top prizes were gift certificates to Bass Pro Shops, Regal Cinemas, and Subway, with all junior anglers receiving lures for participating (Nick and Chris DeGiorgio, & Juliet Scott).

The RBLPOA would like to thank Mike Moculski for being the grill master for this event, and to Sergio Recine and Al Salanitro for helping Mike preserve food and beverages from the Regatta for this event.

Next year we mFishing Tourney winners - Copyight change the contest to start at 11 and end at 6 to increase more angler participation.  And maybe a trophy that would be passed around like the Stanley Cup until the next annual fishing contest.  Congratulations to Chad, Nolan, and Dennis, and see you on the water next year!


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Please welcome Michael Martin, our new lake manager

It is a pleasure to introduce Michael Martin, senior scientist at Princeton Hydro, who will be our new lake manager at Roaring Brook Lake. Michael has extensive experience in lake and watershed management, aquatic plant and invasive species management, algal identification and control, environmental habitat assessment, and wetland design and restoration. He has implemented monitoring and management programs on hundreds of lakes and ponds throughout the Northeast. He is a respected educator in the field and the author of over 60 ecological publications. He’s also easy-going, warm, and a great guy.

As most of you know, the active search for a Lake Manager for Roaring Brook Lake took about 6 months. The process included review of many candidate’s credentials, with interviews and site visits by the top contenders, and a competitive bidding process. We are delighted that Town Supervisor Oliverio and the Town Board chose Michael Martin and Princeton Hydro. We appreciate the meticulousness of the search as well as its outcome.

The work of sampling, measuring, testing and evaluating the data as well as forming recommendations for management will take place over about 3 years. Michael is planning to be available to us both for immediate questions or emergencies and also to discuss issues with the community at a public meeting once or twice a year.

The scope of the work will include aquatic plant mapping (done in the fall of 2016), water quality sampling, including assessment of zooplankton and phytoplankton (microscopic water organisms), bathymetry (measurement of the depth of the lake and the depth of sediment in various areas of the lake), the hydrologic budget (the inputs and losses of water to the lake), the pollutant budget (a quantification of the input of nitrogen, phosphorus, and suspended solids from various sources to the lake), data analysis, and the development of a long term management plan for Roaring Brook Lake and its watershed.

Michael and his team were out on our lake Sept 12, 2016, casting their rakes, sampling, identifying, and mapping all the different plants that grow in Roaring Brook Lake. They’ve use GPS points to make a map of the density and type of aquatic plants, both native and invasive, and they’ll be able to use it to assess various things about our lake, including, importantly, the impact of the sterile carp, by comparing the new map to maps that were made in 1990 and 2007.

On a day this spring, Michael’s colleague, Senior Scientist, JP Bell, will be out on the lake mapping and taking measurements of the lake’s depth and also of the depth, thickness and distribution of sediment (unconsolidated material) throughout our lake, especially in the coves. This important study will be compared to RBL’s only previous bathymetry, done in 1988, and the new data will be used to make long-term decisions about the management and protection of our lake.

To make these two studies safer and more efficient for the scientists, to minimize costs to taxpayers, and after conversation with RBL residents at public meetings, the Town Board has decided to allow use of a gas powered boat for these two studies.  All necessary legal permits for Mr. Martin and Princeton Hydro to use a gas powered boat for these studies have been issued. The gas powered boat will be labeled prominently with Princeton Hydro’s name. Princeton Hydro will be meticulous in cleaning the boat and all equipment before entry into our lake and in preventing any oil or gas spills. In the extremely unlikely event that any significant contamination results directly from Princeton Hydro’s operation of a gas powered boat and happens during the time they are on the lake, Princeton Hydro is fully insured and takes responsibility for all needed remediation.

If you’d like to know a little bit more about Michael Martin and Princeton Hydro, please click for Michael’s Blog “Lake Stewardship”,  Michael’s Biography, or go to Princeton Hydro‘s web site. In addition, Michael will be our guest at an RBL District meeting on Saturday, May 20, 2017 (10 AM, Town Hall) for an introductory talk and Q&A. Quite a few RBL’ers heard him speak in 2015 (Lower Hudson FOLA meeting) and can confirm that he is a terrific speaker.

Please join me in welcoming Michael Martin to Roaring Brook Lake. We are delighted to have him on board and anticipate a long and fruitful relationship.

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RBL Fishing Tourney Saturday, Sept 3, 2016

fishThe Roaring Brook Property Owners Association (RBLPOA) would like to invite the residents of the community to the Annual RBL Largemouth Bass Fishing Contest on Saturday, September 3rd, 2016.

The event will run between 6:00 AM until 12 PM. There will be a BBQ starting at 12:30 PM for contest participants and their families.  Severe thunderstorms or warnings will be the only reason to cancel/postpone this event; T-storm date is Sunday, September 4thSign up at 5:30 AM at Children’s Beach.

This year we are not holding a separate sunfish derby for children as the population of small sunfish appears to have reached a desirable density compared to previous years.  Instead, all participants, children and adults, will be allowed to catch & release largemouth bass for the contest.

LM Bass Catch & Release Contest rules:

  1. NYSDEC licensed residents and their guests only (we will not check licenses but we cannot prevent DEC ECO from checking so be prepared)
  2. $10 per contestant entry fee for anglers 16 & older; if guests are present, there must be at least one RBL adult fishing with him/her on land or in watercraft
  3. The sum of each contestant’s 3 heaviest caught AND released largemouth bass takes the pool by witnesses other than the catching party or by digital photograph of fish alongside a ruler with date stamp on the device (phone or camera).
  4. All fish entered in contest must be 12’ or longer, and subsequently released alive. If you plan on culling any bass, they must be 12” or over but cannot be entered into the contest.
  5. If you wish to weigh fish instead, Tim Murphy, & Sam Lee will be out on the water with the scales and respond via cell phone to weigh fish on the water for quick release. However, keep in mind photographing fish and releasing them quickly is more optimal for the fish.  If you have a scale, please bring it- the more scales the merrier.  Use of an aerated livewell is highly recommended, or a witness from another party not fishing with you to verify the weight.
  6. Please check the NYSDEC website for angling rules and how to obtain a license.
  7. All children 12 & younger must wear a Type II or III PFD (floatation vest) if aboard a watercraft, all people 12 & older must have one available to them aboard a watercraft.
  8. Fish and boat at your own risk- the RBLPOA is not responsible for any injury, harm, loss of life, or damage to watercraft or loss of equipment.

To download or print a copy of the LMB length to weight conversion size chart, go to: http://www.thejump.net/fishing/basschart.htm

To obtain a NYSDEC fishing license, go to:  https://decals.dec.ny.gov/DECALSCitizenWeb/citizenhome.htm

NYSDEC statewide regulations: http://www.dec.ny.gov/outdoor/31421.html

If you wish to volunteer please contact Sam (set up, grill, help kids with lines & casting, bring fresh garden worms from your garden, clean-up; etc.).  Thank you for your support!

Sam Lee, Lake Committee Chair        C: 347-724-9279   samuel.m.lee@gmail.com        

John Listwan, Chairman, Fish Committee

Tim Murphy, Beach Committee Chair


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Public Hearing on Pudding Street Overpass

The New York Department of Transportation (DOT) plans to begin construction in late 2019 on an overpass and interchange where Pudding Street crosses the Taconic State Parkway, according to preliminary plans displayed at a well attended public hearing on Friday evening, August 19, 2016.

Preliminary map of the proposed overpass

Preliminary map of the proposed overpass

The $20 million project will feature a ‘diamond’ interchange with on- and off- ramps for the Taconic in both directions, and is meant to improve safety.

“We all want a safe way to traverse a very dangerous road,” Dr. Frances Wills, Putnam Valley Central Schools District Superintendent, said at the hearing.


Sam Oliverio addresses the attendees

Speaking at the hearing, New York State Senator Sue Serino and Putnam Valley Town Supervisor Sam Oliverio thnked the community for their persistence and hard work on the issue. Many of those present had been at gatherings, rallies, and press conferences and were the authors of petitions, letters, web-site posts, and a moving video featuring the children who ride the buses every day.

During an open house before the hearing, a Poughkeepsie-based team of DOT staff members answered questions about the project’s social, economic and environmental impact. In addition to providing information about the project, the hearing was needed so that the state can use eminent domain to acquire land for the project.

Sam Lee discusses environmental impacts with DOT's Jenai Rhollf

Sam Lee discusses environmental impacts with DOT’s Jenai Rhollf

The still-preliminary plan calls for both lanes of the Taconic to be realigned and brought closer together, and a bridge built to carry Pudding Street over the highway. During construction, the plan is for the Taconic to remain open. Pudding Street will remain open during the school year, but might need to be closed for some period of time during school summer vacation to complete the work.

DOT officials speaking at the meeting said the project plan will be refined and finalized once public comments are evaluated.  Parkland and private property will be acquired and the project will feature plans to mitigate both wetlands impact and storm-water runoff.

In addition to public comments taken at the hearing, the DOT will continue to accept comments on the plan until September 2. Comments can be emailed to Carolyn.ryan@dot.ny.gov or sent by mail (contact details follow below).  Public support is important to this project. If you believe that the Pudding Street Overpass will increase the safety of our community, send a note now to Carolyn Ryan. Your voice matters.

Kate Cunningham speaks with project Design Manager Carolyn Ryan

Kate Cunningham speaks with project Design Manager Carolyn Ryan

car Ryan

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July 16, 2016 RBLPOA Meeting with Sam Lee

At the July 16 RBLPOA meeting, our own Sam Lee gave an outstanding talk on the history and ecology of our beautiful lake from its beginnings to the present time. If you were there, you might want to hear it again. If you missed it, here it is:

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2016 Regatta

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