March 30 and March 31: One weekend, two exciting programs

Landscape workshop with Amanda Bayley 

Amanda Bayley, ecologist and landscape designer

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Landscape workshop with Amanda Bayley 
Learn how to plant to protect wildlife and the lake, 
Be a steward of the lake in your own yard.

Get together with your neighbors.

  • Free, but registration required
  • 5 to 7 pm in a neighbor’s home. 
  • Wine and cheese

Click here to register and for address

Sponsored by the RBL Property Owners Association and the RBL Garden Club

Secrets of the Trails with Ed Illiano

Take a virtual hike through Putnam County’s forests.

See old farm foundations, stone walls, abandoned mines, family burial grounds, Native American settlements, railroad beds, docks, ice houses, bridges and more.

Ed Illiano, hiker, historian and Master Gardener

Sunday, March 31, 11 am Tompkins Corners Cultural Center, 729 Peekskill Hollow Road

Free and Open to the Public. Register by e-mail , through the TCCC website or call 845 528-7280.

Sponsored by the Roaring Brook Garden Club, in collaboration with the Roaring Brook Lake Property Owners Association and Tompkins Corners Cultural Center.

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Spring 2019 Lake Workshops

This spring, the RBLPOA and the RBL Garden Club invite you to two
Saturday 5 pm workshops:

March 30 and April 27. Mark your calendars.

Get together with neighbors and learn what you can do for the lake.

Landscape workshop with Amanda Bayley
Learn how to plant to protect wildlife and the lake, 
Learn and DIY in your own back yard. 
Saturday, March 30, 2019 
5 to 7 pm in a neighbor’s home. 

(address once you register)
Click here to register 

Managing stormwater run-off workshop with Emily Svenson 
How to manage stormwater run-off to protect the lake, on the local roads and around your home. 
Saturday, April 27, 2019 
5 to 7 pm in a neighbor’s home.
Click here to register

Wine, cheese, networking, and mingling at each workshop.

Co-sponsored by the Roaring Brook Lake Property Owners Organization (RBLPOA) and the Roaring Brook Lake Garden Club.

Free, but registration is required and attendance is limited. (Addresses will be sent to attendees.)

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Overpass meeting 2-7-2019

Thursday, Feb 7, was a wet, foggy evening, but the Town Hall parking lot was full and the Town Hall meeting room was standing-room only. About 40 residents crowded in to hear the DOT discuss specifics of the construction, necessary detours, and timing of the Pudding Street Overpass project. The crowd was understandably anxious about the details, but applause rang out several times during the presentation. One thing, for sure, whatever the inconvenience of the construction period, the Overpass is long-awaited and totally needed.

I’m posting a few key points now, but a video, a 3-D imaging of the construction stages, and a slide set will be up on the Town website within a few days. I’ll post links as soon they are available. The summary below is a bit vague, be patient. It’ll make more sense with the timeline and pictures.

  • Tree removal and other prep-work will be on-going this spring. The actual work on the overpass will commence late this summer (2019) and will be complete by August 31, 2020. Several significant incentives and penalties are in place to insure that the work is completed on schedule.
  • Emergency services (police, fire, and ambulance) will continue to be run by our regular responders from Putnam Valley. There will be specific limited-access points for emergency vehicles only to enter the RBL District when other access points are blocked. If emergency access is not possible, fully staffed emergency vehicles will be parked in the District.
  • The Pudding Street crossing will be closed to all traffic for 5 months, approximately between April and August 2020. The main detour during those times will be Pudding St south to Peekskill Hollow Rd north.
  • The North-Bound Taconic (in and out ramps) will be open some of the time that the Pudding Street.crossing is closed.
  • There will be a period of time when the Pudding St. crossing is open, but Southbound Taconic traffic will not be able to exit left.
  • Gordon Rd will be open but will not be improved (it would save very little time and be costly)
  • The blasting of rock will go on between the hours of 10 am and 3 pm. The blasting noise will be brief and not excessive. The seismic impact will not affect home foundations or the integrity of the dam. During blasts, the Taconic Parkway will be briefly closed to traffic.
  • The funds for the Pudding St Overpass have been designated and set aside. They will not be affected by NY State budget constraints.
  • All storm-water drainage during construction will flow away from the lake.
  • The created wetlands will be monitored and maintained for a minimum of five years after the project is completed. Invasive species will be weeded out. When needed, new native plants will replace failed plants and removed invasives. A diverse and thriving native wetland flora and fauna (including beavers) will be considered a sign of success of the created wetlands.
  • All properties that need to be acquired by DOT have either been acquired already, or are well along in the process. No difficulties are expected.
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Overpass meeting

Thursday, Feb 7 at 6 – 7:30 pm, Town Hall

Do you have questions or concerns about the overpass construction?
DOT representatives will hold an important informational meeting
specifically for RBL residents on Thursday, Feb 7, from 6 to 7:30 pm in
Town Hall.
Engineers and project managers from the NYS Department of
Transportation’s Taconic State Parkway/Pudding Street Interchange
Construction Project will be available to discuss the proposed
construction, traffic control. and construction work staging plan.
Hear directly from DOT representatives. 
Learn what is going to happen. Be prepared. 
Voice your concerns.

Thursday, Feb 7, from 6 to 7:30 pm 
Putnam Valley Town Hall, 
265 Oscawana Lake Road, Putnam Valley NY 10579.
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2018 Roaring Brook Lake Holiday Party

The annual Roaring Brook Lake Holiday Party will be Sat, Dec 15, 7-10 pm at a neighbor’s home on the lake (details once you register). Enjoy a wonderful evening of celebration and good cheer.

Tickets are $15/person to cover spirits and sandwiches. In the spirit of the season, please also bring an appetizer or a dessert to share.

Capacity at our generous neighbor’s home is limited and you must register in advance to attend (no registration at the door). Once you register, you will receive the address and details. Register early! Don’t be left out.  Parking is limited. Please carpool.

Click below to pay for your ticket on line and reserve your place at this joyous evening celebrating our community.

Select number of people
List names of attendees

The 2017 Roaring Brook Lake Holiday Party is sponsored jointly by the RBL PropertyOwner’s Association and the RBL Garden Club.

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Lakescaping — What you can do in your own yard to help the lake — 8/4/18

RBLPOA Meeting August 4, 2018 — Lakescaping for lake health

On a rainy Saturday in August over 30 RBL residents gathered (indoors) to hear two experts discuss things that each of us can do in our own yards to help keep the lake clean and healthy.
We heard from AJ Reyes, lake ecologist, and David Seiter, ecological landscaper. Their presentations were terrific, and were followed by a Q & A session. We were impressed with the speakers and the speakers were impressed with the engagement of the homeowners who attended. If you were there, thank you for coming out on a wet Saturday and for being such a great audience!

If you weren’t able to be there, we worked as hard as we could to video the session for you. Unfortunately, our volunteer videographer (that is, the neighbor who had made at least one video before) couldn’t be there. People pitched in, with their phones and whatever else they had. The result is here. You’ll need some patience, but if you ignore the shaky camera and the low volume audio (turn the volume up on your end and also try putting on the closed caption option) you’re in for a great session.








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Had enough of beach closings? RBLPOA meeting August 4, 2018

Had enough of beach closings?

There are a few simple things you can do in your own yard to reduce the threat of toxic algae.
Learn what they are and ask questions.

This Saturday, August 4th at Children’s Beach
from 9:30-10:30 am

Two experts will advise us on how we can make a difference,
Lake Ecologist, A.J. Reyes and
Ecological Landscape Architect, David Seiter

A.J. Reyes spent much time as a teenager fishing and boating in our very own Putnam Valley. He has a passion for lakes that he pursued through a bachelor’s degree in Ecology at SUNY Plattsburgh, and then a master’s degree in Lake Management from SUNY Oneonta. A.J. has worked on lakes all over the US — Montana, Alaska, Nevada– with the United States Geologic Survey.  Most recently, he worked on North Carolina lakes and reservoirs. A.J. has managed difficult invasive species, including quagga mussels in the Hoover Dam,  invasive lake trout in Yellowstone Lake, and hydrilla in North Carolina. This year, AJ came back to the lakes of his childhood and began working for Northeast Aquatic Research.

A.J. has a holistic view of lake management and a belief in sustainability as the key to a balance between preservation and human enjoyment.

David Seiter is the design director and founding principal of Future Green Studio, where he oversees a staff of twenty-five creative, hardworking, and talented individuals.  With keen attention to sustainability, David is continually exploring how to integrate landscape into the built environment in innovative and environmentally-responsible ways. David’s portfolio includes award-winning private and public-use projects. He has lectured widely about sustainability in landscape architecture. David holds a Master of Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning from the University of Pennsylvania and a BA in Art History from Vassar College.

David is our neighbor here on Roaring Brook Lake, where he is a hands-on gardener, patiently working his own yard, enjoying the process, and allowing the garden to reveal itself.

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RBLPOA Meeting July 14, 2018 – Parts 4 – 6 — Q & A with Supervisor Oliverio

RBLPOA meeting July 14, 2018

Question and Answer session with Supervisor Oliverio — discussions of lake draw-down, goose problem, overpass updates, noise abatement, storm-water management, and others.

Task Force Organization –Volunteer! Be a part of the solution!

The big news from the July 14 meeting is that residents, concerned by the surge of toxic algae and beach closings, expressed overwhelming support to kick off a multi-year, multi-pronged approach to a healthier, cleaner lake.

To tap the incredible talent, dedication and skills found right here among us, the POA is setting up volunteer task forces.

Please check out the Task Force list below and click here to email us if you are interested in working on one. You can just say “I’m interested!”. Or, be specific about a task force or project that interests you. All comments and questions are welcome. We will listen and respond.

TASK FORCE 1: Town and Community Level Initiatives, Green and Gray Infrastructure

  • Apply for NY State grants for green and gray infrastructure to control toxic algae and nutrient contamination
  • Work with elected officials to promote goals
  • Develop an action plan to establish green infrastructure: Floating wetland islands, new wetland plantings, bioswales, retention ponds
  • Develop an action plan for storm-water management “grey infrastructure” cost-efficient solutions like baffle boxes, drainage filters, etc.

TASK FORCE 2: Promote Lake-Healthy Homeowner Practices through educational resources, targeted discussion, and demonstration projects

  • Web site development
  • Event organizing, such as seminars, talks, film series, book series, and social media campaigns
  • Organize demonstration projects on shoreline vegetation buffers, tree management, water barrels, grass and hardscape reduction, etc.

TASK FORCE 3: Promote Good Septic Management including Frequent Pumping and New Technology Upgrades

Click here to email us if you are interested in working on a task force or a project. You can just say “I’m interested!” or you can be more specific. You can also give suggestions or ask questions. We will respond to all.

The life of the lake is in our hands!


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