A Note About Water Safety


NYS law requires all children under 13 years of age to wear an appropriate US Coast Guard approved life jacket.

Children’s life jackets are approved for specific weight categories. A child’s life jacket should be tested in the water immediately after purchase. Float testing not only checks the fit and buoyancy but also provides an important opportunity to teach children to relax in the water.

When boating, remember to wear your life jacket and protect not only yourself but any passengers that may accompany you. Wearing a life jacket sets an example and prepares you should an accident occur. At a minimum you should have a life jacket in the boat for every adult, whether they can swim or not. That is the law and it is enforceable on our lake (as per the Sheriff’s Department.)

We have been lucky on Roaring Brook Lake, but most drowning deaths occur near shore in calm water, not in a storm. Nine out of 10 drowning fatalities occur in inland waters, most within a few feet of safety. Worse still, many of these victims owned life jackets and may have survived had they been worn.

Safety is no accident – please wear your life jacket.

Safe Boating-
Arthur Sheridan
Sea Scout Skipper, Resident RBLPOA

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