RBLPOA Meeting July 14, 2018 – Parts 4 – 6 — Q & A with Supervisor Oliverio

RBLPOA meeting July 14, 2018

Question and Answer session with Supervisor Oliverio — discussions of lake draw-down, goose problem, overpass updates, noise abatement, storm-water management, and others.

Task Force Organization –Volunteer! Be a part of the solution!

The big news from the July 14 meeting is that residents, concerned by the surge of toxic algae and beach closings, expressed overwhelming support to kick off a multi-year, multi-pronged approach to a healthier, cleaner lake.

To tap the incredible talent, dedication and skills found right here among us, the POA is setting up volunteer task forces.

Please check out the Task Force list below and click here to email us if you are interested in working on one. You can just say “I’m interested!”. Or, be specific about a task force or project that interests you. All comments and questions are welcome. We will listen and respond.

TASK FORCE 1: Town and Community Level Initiatives, Green and Gray Infrastructure

  • Apply for NY State grants for green and gray infrastructure to control toxic algae and nutrient contamination
  • Work with elected officials to promote goals
  • Develop an action plan to establish green infrastructure: Floating wetland islands, new wetland plantings, bioswales, retention ponds
  • Develop an action plan for storm-water management “grey infrastructure” cost-efficient solutions like baffle boxes, drainage filters, etc.

TASK FORCE 2: Promote Lake-Healthy Homeowner Practices through educational resources, targeted discussion, and demonstration projects

  • Web site development
  • Event organizing, such as seminars, talks, film series, book series, and social media campaigns
  • Organize demonstration projects on shoreline vegetation buffers, tree management, water barrels, grass and hardscape reduction, etc.

TASK FORCE 3: Promote Good Septic Management including Frequent Pumping and New Technology Upgrades

Click here to email us if you are interested in working on a task force or a project. You can just say “I’m interested!” or you can be more specific. You can also give suggestions or ask questions. We will respond to all.

The life of the lake is in our hands!