Lakescaping — What you can do in your own yard to help the lake — 8/4/18

RBLPOA Meeting August 4, 2018 — Lakescaping for lake health

On a rainy Saturday in August over 30 RBL residents gathered (indoors) to hear two experts discuss things that each of us can do in our own yards to help keep the lake clean and healthy.
We heard from AJ Reyes, lake ecologist, and David Seiter, ecological landscaper. Their presentations were terrific, and were followed by a Q & A session. We were impressed with the speakers and the speakers were impressed with the engagement of the homeowners who attended. If you were there, thank you for coming out on a wet Saturday and for being such a great audience!

If you weren’t able to be there, we worked as hard as we could to video the session for you. Unfortunately, our volunteer videographer (that is, the neighbor who had made at least one video before) couldn’t be there. People pitched in, with their phones and whatever else they had. The result is here. You’ll need some patience, but if you ignore the shaky camera and the low volume audio (turn the volume up on your end and also try putting on the closed caption option) you’re in for a great session.








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