Stormwater Management: Saturday, April 27 at 5 pm

Stormwater Management Workshop

How do nutrient pollutants (Nitrogen and Phosphorous) get into the lake?
Did you know that 20% come with the rain and stormwater running into the lake?
Some of that rainwater is filtered by wetlands and forests.
But lots of water rushes over roads, roofs, or through pipes without being filtered first.
Learn why a pipe is not always the only solution.
Learn the history behind what we used to do and what we do now.
Learn new ways to manage stormwater.

A workshop on Stormwater Management around Roaring Brook Lake

Saturday, April 27 at 5 pm

Wine, cheese, networking, and mingling.
Get together with neighbors and learn what you can do for the lake.

Managing stormwater run-off workshop with Emily Svenson 
How to manage stormwater run-off to protect the lake, on the local roads and around your home. 
Saturday, April 27, 2019 
5 to 7 pm in a neighbor’s home.
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Emily is an attorney and an ecologist. She was a member of the Town Board in Hyde Park for seven years and continues to be a dynamo in her community. Her talk is awesome. Come.

Co-sponsored by the Roaring Brook Lake Property Owners Organization (RBLPOA) and the Roaring Brook Lake Garden Club.

Free, but registration is required and attendance is limited. (Address will be sent to attendees.) Enjoy an evening with your neighbors and learn how you can help the lake be cleaner and safer for everyone.

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