Frequently Asked Questions


  • How do I pay in advance for a wristband?

Go to the right of your screen and look for the section labeled Advance Pay for Regatta. Scroll-down and choose the number of people age 7 and over who you would like to register.  Add the names of the attendees. Then click on the yellow “Buy Now” button. Last, choose to pay with PayPal or a credit card. PayPal is first, credit cards are below, you may need to scroll down to see the credit card area.

If you do not like to make payments on the internet, you can ask a friend to buy it for you.

Sorry, advance payments are non-refundable.

Why have we changed from cash pay-as-you-go to wristband for the Regatta?

  • For most families, the wristband will cost less (if you pay in advance)
  • You won’t have to bring cash to the Regatta
  • There will be less food waste. We will have a better idea how much to buy.
  • It will make things easier for the volunteers who are working hard to make it a great day.
  • Can I eat all I want?

Yes! All that great food is included in the price of one wristband.

  • Can I bring my friend food or a drink?

No. Sorry, you can only get food and drinks for yourself.
Otherwise, we won’t have enough!

  • Why did the wristband price go up from last year’s $5 to this year’s $7?

RBLPOA dues cover more than half the cost of the Regatta. The last few years the Regatta deficit has been too high to be sustainable. You can help keep the price at $7. (1) Pay your RBLPOA dues. Dues support the RBLPOA’s mission to keep the lake clean and healthy as well as great social events like the Regatta. (2) Don’t bring food to a friend who doesn’t have a wristband –it’s kind to your friend, but it’s unfair to people who have paid and would like to keep the wristband fee reasonable.

  • Why is the wristband so much more expensive at the gate?

We hope you will buy in advance. We would like to know how many people are coming.
It will save you money and it will be easier for you on the day of the Regatta.
We will check you off on the list, give you your wristband and you and your family will be all set for a great day!

  • What if my wristband falls off?

It won’t. it’s sturdy and it’s waterproof.
Sorry, if your wristband is tampered with or off your wrist we can’t honor it.

  • When is the latest time that I can buy an advance-purchase wristband?

You can buy at the advance-purchase discount price, just $7 per person, until Thursday at midnight.

The PayPal button will only be available until then.  After Thursday midnight, the button will no longer function and you will no longer be able to buy a discounted wristband.

After Thursday, wristbands will still be available for purchase at the gate, but they will be full price, $14 each.

  •  I only want a hot dog. Can I buy it separately?

Sorry, you will need a wristband to get food or drink of any kind. Plan ahead. Save money. Help decrease food waste.